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Power adapter device solution

In many cases, the power adapter manufacturer will struggle with when the product labeling is the best? As the adapter needs to go through a variety of processes before it can be formed when it is pasted on too early, the label will become blurred and ugly due to stumbling. If labeling is carried out when it is close to forming, the dilemma arises because the shape and specifications have changed and the labeling position is difficult to accurately control, so it becomes difficult to label naturally. At this time, we need a professional power adapter labeling machine manufacturer to provide you with a reasonable equipment solution to solve the labeling problem.
Assembly line labeling machine
      For the choice of power adapter labeling machine, because the product is processed in the production line. We recommend the automatic assembly line labeling head for the production line. The equipment is developed and manufactured by bogao identification automation technical team.
      Automatic assembly line labeling head
      The biggest characteristic of the equipment is flexible, with different marking mechanism, can be achieved in the flat and uneven surface labeling. It is suitable for labeling at any time of production line processing, so it is not necessary to worry about what time is better for labeling, but only to arrange defecation reasonably according to the characteristics of production line.
      The specific functions are as follows; The equipment is easy to adjust, the adjustment structure adopts a single rod structure, the head can be x/y/z six degrees of freedom flexible and adjustable, labeling at different positions, labeling speed up to 200 pieces per minute.
      Accurate labeling, equipped with label belt winding rectifying mechanism to prevent label deviation, subdivision stepper motor to drive out label, accurate position before and after label, no wrinkles, no bubbles.
      Strong stability of the equipment, the equipment system is equipped with automatic photoelectric tracking, with no label, no label automatic correction and automatic label detection function, to prevent missing labels and labels waste.
      In addition to the equipment is suitable for notebook power adapter, car power adapter and other power adapter labeling. Also can be different industries of production line labeling, supporting pillow packaging machine, automatic assembly line, printing machine, to achieve online labeling.
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