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How to deal with the label deviation of the beverage round bottle labeling machine?

After more than a decade of equipment manufacturing, we often hear users react to some issues when applying equipment. Today, as a manufacturer, Bogao Labeling Technology will talk about how to quickly handle label skewness when we apply a fully automatic beverage round bottle labeling machine.

Generally speaking, if a beverage round bottle labeling machine is used again, the label may be skewed, which usually results in two problems:


Either the pressure roller of the equipment and the product are not in a vertical state, or the size of the taper is different, ultimately causing the label to be skewed.

This type of problem is also easy to solve. When the product is not perpendicular to the pressure roller, we can adjust the pressure roller to be parallel to the product. If it still cannot be perpendicular after adjustment, then we need to adjust its taper. The taper is located in the groove of the device, and moving the adhesive pack can change the product labeling taper of the round bottle labeling machine. Excessive or insufficient taper can cause the label to be skewed, so it is necessary to slowly adjust and test it.

Another situation is how to deal with label wrinkles during the labeling process of the beverage round bottle labeling machine. Generally, this situation is because the front end is too far from the product. At this time, we can adjust the label sticker forward by a few millimeters and adjust it appropriately according to personal test results.

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