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Logistics express industry solutions

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Express labeling machine
      Electronic face sheet instant printing and labeling machine is mainly used for automatic equipment in express logistics, e-commerce, third-party warehousing and other industries. Electronic face sheet instant printing and labeling machine is an automatic machine integrating printing and labeling. As a new type of printing and labeling equipment, e-face single instant printing and labeling machine (edm), which conforms to the rapid development of express logistics, e-commerce and third-party warehousing industries, applies logistics sorting and printing labeling technology to carry out automatic sorting and labeling and warehouse management for retail and logistics distribution centers.
      Express and logistics industries will be posted on the package express surface slip, there are a lot of is through the way of manual entry, by business people back to the document after delivery record, low efficiency, error prone, logistics express surface single online printing labeling machine, a time efficient target device, a device can complete the boxes, bags, boxes, barrels, and other products online labeling.
      The automatic printing and labeling system of logistics and express delivery industry can print and attach labels in real time according to the sorting data of logistics, eliminate the possibility of manual labeling error, and truly achieve real-time printing and labeling. The printing and labeling speed of each sheet greatly improves the production efficiency and saves labor.
      Bar code automation equipment and technology can improve the work efficiency from the hardware, reduce the error rate of human operation, and the information platform from the software for logistics express delivery to provide a large number of management data information, easy to query, tracking, as the basis for management decisions. The integration of barcode automation equipment and technology with information platform can greatly improve the timeliness, accuracy and timeliness of information acquisition.
      Application of equipment
Express box labeling machine