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Common faults and handling methods of fully automatic vertical round bottle labeling machine

  The fully automatic round bottle labeling machine is a very good labeling machine in our company, which can be used for full/half week, front and back double labeling of various cylindrical items, such as labeling of food cans, cosmetics round bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, etc; If equipped with a color band coding machine, it can achieve labeling while printing production batch number and other information. It has also received very good feedback from customers when used. However, during use, there may be some minor issues due to improper debugging and operation, or other reasons. Here are some simple analysis and handling methods for these minor issues.

1. Label bottom paper breakage: The bottom paper breakage is related to scratches on the bottom paper during label traction, label bottom paper quality, and label adhesion.

① Check if there are scratches on the backing paper, and if the backing paper is scratched, promptly eliminate the scratch factor.

② Check if there is any damage to the backing paper. If the backing paper is damaged, it is necessary to replace it with a high-quality backing paper.

③ If the label station is connected, the label is easily torn off. Control the length of the next label to ensure it does not stick to the labeled product.

2. Inaccurate labeling position:

① The pressure label device may not be tightly pressed, causing the label to loosen and inaccurate detection by the measuring object's electric eye. Just adjust the pressure band device.

② It is possible that the traction mechanism is slipping or not pressing tightly, causing the label backing paper to not be taken away smoothly. Check the tension of the traction mechanism.

3. Labeling accuracy deviation of the labeling machine: mainly related to several main factors such as unstable installation tension of the label belt, non parallel transportation direction between the label belt and the product, insufficient tension or slipping of the traction wheel, inaccurate product detection eyes, deviation of label coverage, and product size error. In case of insufficient labeling accuracy, the above factors should be checked before targeted solutions are taken.

① Check if the label plate is loose, and if it is loose, adjust and lock it tightly,

② Check the marking angle of the labeling head to ensure that the label direction is parallel to the product delivery direction.

③ Check if the traction is slipping, lock the traction mechanism and observe if the label paper can be smoothly pulled without slipping.

④ Loosen the traction mechanism, pull the label backing paper back and forth to see if it is smooth and allow it to automatically align. After the label is aligned, lock the traction mechanism.

⑤ Check if the labeling is even. If there is any unevenness, adjust the parallelism of the bottom glue wrapping axis and adjust the parallelism

⑥ Check for product errors. Poor product quality can also cause labels to deviate.

4. Continuous labeling:

① Continuous labeling and labeling are not entirely related to the sensitivity of the electric eye detection. Adjusting the sensitivity of the electric eye is sufficient.

② If adjusting the electric eye still cannot solve the problem, it may be because the label exceeds the selection range of the label, or the electric eye is damaged.

③ Another reason is that the strap is off track, and the electric eye does not detect the label. Adjust the electric eye back and forth to the detection position.

5. Slack of the bottom paper at the marking point: Slack of the bottom paper is related to the pressure device, low traction speed, and slipping of the traction mechanism.

① Check if the tape pressing device is tightly pressed. If not, simply press it tightly.

② If the traction speed is too low, increasing the traction speed can solve the problem.

③ If the traction mechanism slips, tighten the locking screw of the traction roller until the backing paper does not slip

By checking and handling the above steps, common faults of the fully automatic round bottle labeling machine can be effectively solved.