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Automatic half-fold labeling machine

Product parameters
Applicable label size length: 15mm ~ 100mm backing width: 15mm ~ 150mm(customizable beyond range)
Applicable product line diameter size: 1mm ~ 10mm(customizable beyond range)
Applicable standard volume outer diameter (mm) : 280mm(customized beyond the scope)
Diameter of applicable standard volume (mm) : 76mm(customized beyond the scope)
Labeling accuracy (mm) : ±0.5mm
Labeling speed (PCS /min) : 20-40pcs/ min (depending on the customer‘s label size and manual operation speed)
Weight (kg) : about 80Kg
Frequency (HZ) : 50HZ
Voltage (V) : 220V
Power (KW) : 0.25kw
Overall size of equipment (mm) : 664×454×980mm (length × width × height) :
Air pressure (bar) : 4 ~ 6bar
Product details
    semi-automatic wire folding labeling machine
    Product use
          The product is suitable for folding and labeling on various wires, such as power cord, computer peripheral cord, household product peripheral cord, earphone cord, data cable, optical fiber cable, cable, oil pipeline, USB cable, etc. The product design volume is small, the labeling accuracy is high, has the higher applicability, may adapt the size span larger product, changes the different product to be more convenient and quick.
    Scope of application:
    Applicable label: sticker, dry film, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc.
    Applicable products: wire and cable, large width, specifications, folding label high precision products.
    Application industry: widely used in electronics, cable, mobile phone, optical fiber and other industries.
    Application examples: wire labeling, household product peripheral line, optical fiber line labeling, etc.
    Non-range products can be customized according to customer requirements.
    Working principle:
    Artifacts in the sensor signal - > object - > test strip cylinder send logo to suck the cylinder pressure, under the pressure of the cylinder pressure to retract the cylinder, a label, stripped and suction to absorb and labeling of cylinder pressure, the stick label attached to the workpiece and folded by the cylinder pressure, to put the label folded compact on the workpiece to reset all cylinder, traction motor rotation, label under the traction to the original position, labeling, marking, finish > collection has labeling products.
    Operation mode:
    Product placement -- > product testing (automatic implementation) -- > labeling and labeling (automatic implementation) -- > review (automatic implementation) -- > collection of labeled products.
    Sticker production requirements:
    The interval between labels is 2-4mm;
    The label is 2mm away from the bottom edge of the paper;
    Label backing paper with gracing material backing paper, such backing paper toughness to prevent breaking (avoid cutting the backing paper);
    Coil core inner diameter 76mm, outer diameter less than 280mm, single row arrangement.
    The above label production needs to be combined with your product, please contact our engineers for specific requirements and the result shall prevail!
    Product features:
    1. Strong interchangeability, adjustment or replacement of fixture can be applied to products of different widths for folding labeling;
    2. With fault alarm function, production counting function, power saving function, production number setting prompt function, parameter setting protection function.
    3. Safety, the transmission parts are wrapped, and the circuit and gas circuit are arranged separately to avoid abnormal occurrence and use more safely
    4. Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no labeling, no labeling automatic correction and label automatic detection function, to prevent missing labeling and label waste
    5. Touch screen operation interface, full Chinese notes and perfect fault prompt function, simple and quick adjustment of various parameters, easy to operate
    6. The machine is small in size and saves space; Wide range of application
    7. High labeling accuracy, vacuum suction, accurate positioning.
    Optional functions and components:
    (1) automatic feeding function;
    (2) automatic feeding function (combined with product consideration);
    (3) hot code/spray code function
    (4) increase labeling device
    Other functions (customized according to customer requirements).