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automatic bottle labeling machine

Product parameters
Labeling accuracy: ±1mm (excluding product and label error)
Labeling speed: 30 ~ 160 pieces/min (related to product label size)
Applicable size: ganizational 30≤ ganizational 150mm in diameter
Applicable label size: 5mm≤ width ≤700mm, length ≥20mm
Machine size: 3002×1299×1520mm (length × width × height)
Applicable power supply: 220V 50/60hz
Machine weight: 330Kg.
Product details

automatic square bottle labeling machine
Product application:
      This product belongs to the square bottle labeling machine, can be used for all kinds of square bottle labels, single label and double label, front and back double label space can be flexibly adjusted, now widely used in medicine, food, toys, daily chemical, cosmetics and other industries, such as milk bottle labeling, PET square bottle labeling, cosmetic bottle labeling and so on.
Working principle:
The sensor detects the process of the product and sends back the signal to the labeling control system. In the appropriate position, the control system controls the sending of the label and attaches it to the position of the product to be labeled. The product flows through the labeling device and the label is attached to the product.
Operation mode:
Product placement (connected pipeline) -- > product delivery -- > product separation -- > labeling (automatic realization of equipment) -- > collection of labeled products.
Sticker production requirements:
The interval between labels is 2-4mm;
The label is 2mm away from the bottom edge of the paper;
Label backing paper with gracing material backing paper, such backing paper toughness to prevent breaking (avoid cutting the backing paper);
Coil core inner diameter 76mm, outer diameter less than 260mm, single row arrangement.
The above label production needs to be combined with your product, please contact our engineers for specific requirements and the result shall prevail!
Product features:
Rugged and durable, with three-bar adjustment mechanism, making full use of the stability of the triangle, the whole machine is solid and durable;
Flexible application, bottle standing labeling, automatic bottle sorting function;
Simple adjustment, labeling speed, conveying speed, bottle splitting speed can achieve stepless speed regulation, according to the needs of adjustment;
Intelligent control, using big brand PLC intelligent system, stable equipment, can support 24 hours work;
Easy to operate, the whole labeling process automatically completed, only manual feeding and unloading can be;
Optional functions and components:
1. Automatic feeding function;
2. Automatic feeding function (considering the product);
3. Coding machine module;
4. Online printing machine module
5. Other functions (customized according to customer requirements).