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Friction paging machine

technical parameter:
Moving paging speed: 60~500 pieces/m;
Rated voltage: 220V/50Hz;
Machine power: 180W;
Weight: 50Kg;
Dimensions: 1340×580×950 (mm) (length×width×height);
Applicable product range: length 65-400 (mm) adjustable, thickness 0.2 (mm) adjustable, width 70-280 (mm) adjustable;
Feeding size: length, 400 mm, width 340mm;
Transport size: length: 890 mm, width 340mm, belt width 260mm;
Separated object size: 65-400mm in length, 70-280mm in width and more than 0.2mm in thickness;
Product details
The friction paging machine can be applied to paper, business cards, labels, cards of various materials, telephone cards, IC cards, IP cards, game cards, plastic composite packaging bags, paper boxes, paper bags and other materials of various thicknesses The automatic paging of sheet-like articles separates the entire stack of sheet-like articles into individual pieces at a high speed, and is transported out by a conveyor belt, which is convenient for the inkjet printer to spray codes one by one or for other purposes.
The main functional objects are soft products such as plastic bags and composite bags.
1. Imported frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, high-speed automatic paging 60-600 pieces/min.
2. High paging speed, high precision positioning, and high production efficiency.
3. Qualified structure design, independent shaft, easy and quick replacement of wearing parts.
4. Equipped with manual/automatic functions to facilitate debugging and production operations.
5. Optional accessories: automatic rewinding device