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optical fiber laser engraving machine

Technical parameters:
Laser type: continuous
Laser wavelength: 1064nm
Minimum character: 0.1mm
Printing depth: 0.1-1.0mm (depending on the material)
Engraving range: 110*110mm (customizable)
Repetition frequency: 1khz-20khz
Repeat accuracy: ±0.01mm
Carving line speed: ≤5000mm/s
Power demand: 220V, 50Hz/5A
Appearance size: 800mm*600mm*1400mm (length × width × height)
Product details
    optical fiber laser engraving machine
    I. working principle:
          Bo high BG6120 - optical fiber laser machine series adopts fiber laser output laser, then through carving ultra-fast scanning galvanometer system function, optical fiber laser engraving mechanical and optical conversion efficiency is high, cooling air cooling way at the same time, the whole machine volume small, the output beam quality is good, high reliability, long operating life, energy saving, can be carved metal materials and most of the non-metallic materials, price concessions.
          Optical fiber laser engraving machine is the use of high energy density laser beam, local irradiation was carried out on the workpiece surface, the surface material rapidly vaporized or change color, so as to reveal the deep substance, or through a physical change in the surface layer material and carving patterns, can also use the energy of laser to remove part of the material surface, highlighting the required, fashioned out of graphics, text, and so on.
    Ii. Main features:
    1. Fiber laser engraving machine has fast engraving speed and high stability;
    2, optical fiber laser engraving machine original accessories, after sale without worry;
    3, optical fiber laser engraving machine choose the full power laser, not easy to decay, high efficiency;
    4. Fiber laser engraving machine is maintenance-free and has zero consumables;
    5. The core components of the optical fiber laser engraving machine adopt well-known brands in the industry to ensure the quality of products;
    6. Fiber laser engraving machine can quickly meet the delivery time of customers;
    7, optical fiber laser engraving machine to provide excellent pre-sale sale service;
    8. Optical fiber laser engraving machine can design customized fixture scheme for customers;
    9. Low operating cost: electricity consumption only (about 3~5 ° c/day);
    10. Easy to operate, easy to learn and use on WINDOWS system.
    Three, optical fiber laser engraving machine structure:
    Optical fiber laser engraving machine, the laser is a fast scanning laser, the galvanometer is a high-speed digital scanning galvanometer, the field mirror is imported from Singapore, the power supply is Shanghai hengfu, the whole machine cabinet is high temperature paint thickened sheet metal manufacturing more beautiful and durable.
    The laser is a fast laser of three domestic brands. The power supply requires that the input power supply is ordinary domestic electricity. There is no harsh requirement on the working environment. The best advice is to use in the ambient temperature 0-45℃ dry conditions, air dust ≦0.01g/ m3. Can work continuously 24 hours, can carry on high efficiency, no maintenance, low cost operation.
    Vibrating mirror:
    The vibrating mirror is a high precision digital scanning vibrating mirror, which is faster and more precise than the traditional analog vibrating mirror. Able to meet customer requirements for precision product carving.
    The field mirror is imported from Singapore. In the standard marking area, the laser diffusion loss rate is small and the laser power consumption is reduced. Improve the efficiency of customer depth requirement.
    Programming software:
    The system is Beijing golden orange professional marking system software, adopts the international standard, has the international leading technology, is widely used in various precision control and processing fields. With WINDOWS as the platform, open structure, simple operation, easy to learn, is the biggest difference between the CNC system and the traditional CNC system. Main functions include graphics processing, parameter setting.
    Easy to format: supports AI, DXF, PLT, Gerber and other graphic data formats.
    Positioning display: red light positioning, making engraving more intuitive and easy to monitor and control.
    Iv. Laser marking ability:
    We will help customers to choose suitable carving models according to their occasions.
    BG6120- main configuration:
    Laser marking machine parameters
    V. after-sales service:
    Technical services and spare parts
    Borgo‘s technical services department can use remote support to help customers solve problems.
    Spare parts can be delivered to customers in a short time.
    Spare parts and technical services support many countries around the world. All used parts and spare parts, long-term supply.
    I. pre-sale service
    1. Technical consultation: we will provide any professional technical service according to your needs within 2 hours
    And price inquiries, and provide relevant product information, or timely for any questions you are concerned to give a quick response, such as engraving accuracy, depth, use of all parameters of the engraving machine.
    Ii. In-sale service
    1. No matter you are a customer outside the province or within the province, no matter you are our old customer or our new friend, no matter your contract amount is large or small, we will be honest, professional, enthusiastic, rigorous unified treatment.
    2. We promise to be punctual, quality and quantity, strictly implement the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract, and provide customers with valuable services, such as installation, training and so on.
    3. After-sales service
    We set up the perfect after-sales service information, 24 hours to follow the customer.
    1. From the date of purchase, you can attend various technical trainings free of charge at any time.
    2. Within 300km of the domestic service point, we promise to provide on-site service and repair within 24 hours.
    In addition to the perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service system, we have also established the following system to ensure more meticulous and perfect service.
    Establish a sound customer file:
    1. Each customer has its own file in our after-sales service information to ensure timely update of software upgrades
    2. Each service activity is recorded in detail and can be inquired and analyzed at any time. Make annual maintenance records of customer equipment and make reasonable Suggestions for customers.
    Ii. Perfect quality supervision system:
    1. Conduct telephone return visit within 20 days after the initial commissioning of new equipment or arrival;
    2. Give a reply within 12 hours after the complaint is accepted.
    (3) high-quality technical team:
    From the phone to hear door-to-door service, friendly, care and respect each customer, customer requirements, will try to solve, pay attention to the end.
    (4) uniform and standardized service behavior:
    The company has established a unified code of conduct and assessment standards to ensure that the service process is standardized and reasonable, the service procedure and service work are professional and orderly, and the service quality caused by individual differences is reduced and avoided.
    (5) smooth information communication channels:
    1. The rights and interests of users, service policies and pricing system are fully open, fair and equitable;
    2. You can give us feedback and communicate with us through telephone, fax, letter, E-mail, website message and other channels for your Suggestions and consultation.
    6. Equipment operation training:
    Our company guarantees to appoint experienced and qualified technicians to take charge of the training.
    1. After both parties sign the purchase contract and pay the advance payment, you can send 1~2 operators and daily maintenance personnel to attend the free training in our company. The training includes:
    The basic principle and structure of laser engraving machine;
    Installation and debugging of laser engraving machine;
    Software operation skills of laser engraving machine;
    Laser engraving machine operation and matters needing attention;
    Simple trouble shooting of laser engraving machine;
    Daily mechanical maintenance of laser engraving machine;
    Laser engraving machine and light adjustment;
    Safety protection of laser engraving machine.
    2. After the equipment arrives at your factory, our company will send professional technicians to communicate with your factory by telephone and teach you by telephone. At the same time, I will send some training videos of installation and debugging for your company to get familiar with the equipment operation later.