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Automatic high-precision flat film cartoning machine

Product parameters:
Labeling accuracy: ±0.3mm (excluding product label size error);
Labeling speed: 15-20 pieces/minute (related to product and label size);
Roll diameter: inner diameter 76mm outer diameter 250mm;
Machine size: 1950x110x1300mm (length x width x height);
Applicable power supply: 220V 50/60HZ;
Whole machine weight: about 180KG
Air pressure: 0.5Mpa~0.6Mpa
Product details
High-precision automatic film and cartoning machine
Product Usage:
      Automatic film and cartoning machine, mainly used for automatic label laminating in the production line. Adopt Japanese Omron PLC to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment and the convenience of operation to the greatest extent. The equipment realizes specific features such as automatic labeling, automatic packing, automatic calculation, etc. The entire labeling process does not require manual assistance, which greatly improves product cleanliness requirements.
      Working principle: Manually preload the turret of the workpiece on the machine feeding device → press the start button → automatic feeding by the machine → automatic labeling → automatic labeling → automatic turning 180 degrees → automatic discharging → automatic boxing →Multi-station automatic labeling and cartoning equipment that automatically receives materials and completes stacking.
Self-adhesive label production requirements:
      The gap between label and label is 2-4mm
      2mm from the edge of the bottom paper
      The bottom paper of the label is made of glassine, which has good toughness and prevents it from breaking (to avoid cutting the bottom paper)
      The inner diameter of the core is 76mm, and the outer diameter is less than 260mm, arranged in a single row.
      The above label production needs to be combined with your product. For specific requirements, please communicate with our engineers and the results shall prevail!
      Institutional composition:
      Material tower mechanism: place products.
      Labeling mechanism: used for label traction and peeling and precise labeling.
      1Material suction mechanism: automatically bring in products.
      Turning mechanism: automatically turn the product 180 degrees for boxing.
      Traverse feeding mechanism: automatically bring the product to the pre-installed box reclaiming position.
      2 Suction and transplanting mechanism: automatically complete product boxing and empty box loading.
      Box delivery mechanism: automatically transport the plastic box full of products to the position of the finished product collection module.
      Finished product stacking mechanism: automatically stack finished products up to the set quantity.