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High-speed box opening machine

technical parameter
Unpacking speed: 15-30 boxes/min (adjustable speed)
Unpacking method: horizontal unpacking
Carton size: L240-510 * W190-400 * H120-400mm
Power supply: 1P/3P 220V/380V 750W
Necessary air pressure: 6KG/CM3
Air consumption: 450NL/min
Applicable tape width: 48, 60mm
Side sticker length: 45-60mm
Carton storage capacity: ≈80 (determined according to the thickness of the carton, the carton can be refilled at any time without stopping the machine)
Machine size: L2300*W1210*H1750mm
Machine weight: 800KG
Product details
The high-speed box opening machine adopts mechanical transmission, and the follower is driven by the rotary motion or reciprocating motion of the cam to make the specified reciprocating movement or swing mechanism (such as taking the box, carton forming, folding bottom). The cam mechanism has a compact structure and is suitable for intermittent movement of the follower. The cam mechanism and the connecting rod are combined to control the mechanical operation.
Equipment advantages
1. Compared with the high-speed box opener in traditional qigong mode, the action of the high-speed cam box opener is more accurate, fast and stable. The machine has a small footprint, simple operation and convenient adjustment.
2. There is no need to stop the machine for replenishing the carton, and there is no need to stop the machine to change the unpacking speed on the operation screen.
3. Solve the problem of misalignment of the square carton folding box of the vertical box opener
4. There is no need for belts to clamp the carton for conveying, which prevents the misalignment of the carton when the belt is conveyed.
Security and alarm
1. Automatic warning reminder to replenish the carton
2. Alarm when the box is unsuccessful
3. Alarm for unsuccessful carton forming
4. Alarm when tape is unsuccessful
5. Alarm when tape runs out